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Tamarack Jacket

My friend Rebekah (@sowno65 on Instagram) and I recently decided that we would like to do a “One Pattern Two Ways” project together. It didn’t take long for us both to realise that we wanted to make a Tamarack Jacket, and I think this was just the motivation that I needed or I never would have made one. Click here for Rebekah’s blog.

I already had a Pinterest board started so I headed there to see what style I wanted to make. I came across a jacket by a brand I hadn’t heard of before, Polder. I loved the detail around the edge of the jacket and the rounded curves at the front.

I had spotted a fabric from Sister Mintaka that would be perfect for this style, a Beige Cotton Linen Jacquard. I new I wanted to go for an Indian block print cotton for the inside and found the perfect fabric from Simply Fabrics Brixton. I picked up the batting from my local fabric store.

Do you want my top tip for your first quilting project- choose a fabric that has a square pattern! This made the quilting process so so so much easier, as I had to draw very few lines for my quilting.

I loved the quilting process, it was very soothing and relaxing, a little meditative. I can safely say I now see the appeal in it, although I will probably stick to quilting clothes and not quilts.

For the construction of the jacket I didn’t make things easy for myself and decided to make the jacket reversible. I am so happy I did this though as I know this is a garment I will treasure forever and the finish on the inside makes all the difference.

I tried to flat fell the seams by machine first (after trimming down as many layers as I could) but wasn’t getting a neat enough finish. So I stitched everything down by hand on the shoulder and armhole. I used bias tape on the inside side seams, and handstitched this too, along with the bias trim around the edge. This took me 2 full evenings in front of the tv, while watching family movies. I hand-stitched 2 patch pockets on the outside (although neither is really the outside or inside as it’s reversible) which will hold my phone and car keys.

Photobombed! Lol!

I had originally bought some cream cotton bias tape for finishing the jacket but I went off it after making a few samples. The fabric was sitting beside a cotton linen blend I was using to make a jumpsuit around the same time and I realised it was the perfect match for the darker tones in the cotton linen jacquard and a lovely contrast with the block print.

Test samples

I made a size 6 based on my measurements (B35/36”, W30”, H41”) and the fit is perfect. I can comfortably wear a jumper underneath and it will be the perfect layering piece under some of my unlined coats. If I wanted this to be a ‘coat’ instead of a jacket I would maybe size up. I think if in doubt with this pattern, size up! The wadding adds a lot of bulk to the shape so a larger size is the safer option.

I am not sure I can put into words the love I have for this jacket. Every time I wear or look at it I feel pride in every minute spent working on it and love for every stitch. I am happy I took the time to pick a fabric I really loved, with the amount of time spent on this jacket I would hate to not love it at the end.

I want to say a big thanks to Rebekah for suggesting this project and supporting me along the way. I also want to say a big thank you to Sandeep from Sister Mintaka who could not have been more supportive and helped out when I was deciding on quilting patterns.

This feels like the perfect project to finish off with in 2020. It hasn’t been a great year, but it has been filled with great makes. This has definitely secured a spot in my top makes list.

Sharlene xx

Author: sosewbysharleneoldroyd

I am a life long dressmaker, wife, mum to two beautiful kids and a part time visual merchandiser. I have always had a strong passion for fashion and hope to share this with you all in my blog x

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