Spring ‘21 Sewing Plans

Last year when the pandemic first hit, i went through my stash and made plans for my Spring Summer sewing that was going to help me make a dent in it. I loved this method of planning and have kept it up since.

This year my plans are going to look a little different. Last year I fully embraced colour and added a lot of bright summery pieces to my wardrobe. Part of me thinks it was a way to bring some joy to an uncertain time, and I really did enjoy experimenting with all the colour.

This season I will be toning down the colour a lot! I have always had a love for neutral tones and one of the most common colours in my wardrobe is black. Not very exciting I know! But I feel more “me” in these colours. I love all the bright colours I experimented with last year, and I know I will love pulling them out again this summer.

Colour Palette

My key colour palette this season will constitute of black, beige, white, sage green and khaki. These are the colours that show up in my wardrobe time and time again. A lot of the fabrics I am focusing on are plains, but I am throwing in some delicate florals and checks too. And off course there will be denim.

I have a lot of these fabrics in my stash already so I have a great starting point. Some of them are already cut and made into garments, like my Tamarack jacket, Flannel Arden Pants and Ditsy Bakerloo dress.

I have pulled out 2 secondary colour palettes too, focusing on the colours I was sewing with last spring summer. The most important part of this planning process for me is to have a clear idea of what fabrics I want to buy and to ensure my future plans will work with my existing wardrobe.

I am still drawn to dusky rose tones and these will sit will with the core colour palette I am leaning towards. I will maybe add in some coral tones and deeper rusty oranges too.

Last year one of my colour palettes was navy and lilac. I made a few lilac garments but wasn’t keen on the fabric or shade of lilac, so I am still on the hunt for the perfect shade. I have already purchased a lilac floral viscose which will become a dress, and I have a lilac knit in my stash too. I am also on the hunt for a lilac linen to make a summer suit. I love my pink suit from last year and would like a trouser version for this season. I will need to find the ‘right’ lilac and wont be rushing into it.

I was drawn to a lot of orange fabrics last year but as it wasn’t part of my colour palette I avoided buying any. I think this year I will try to incorporate it into my wardrobe, as it is a colour I have always liked. If I can get my hands on some of the Mind the Maker Urban Leo in the photo I will be very happy!

What will I be making?…

As I mentioned in my sewing plans for 2021, I will be focusing a lot of my time on making trousers. I want to find a handful of patterns that work for my shape and are comfortable. I love my Helens Closet Arden pants I recently made in a Robert Kaufman flannel. They have been massive success. I am planning to try the By Hand London Jackie trousers, Untitled Thoughts Chandler and Just Pattens Tatjana trousers next. I also have another pair of Named Clothing Tynni trousers planned.

This will be my main focus in terms of sewing plans. I will be sewing more ditsy dresses and tops, and hopefully squeeze in a suit or 2!

And that’s it! I think I have really simplified my plans for this season as I have already built a fairly extensive me-made wardrobe. This year is more about focusing in on what really works for me and my style.

I would love to hear more about your spring summer plans. Let me know over on Instagram or leave me a comment on my latest YouTube video.

Happy sewing,

Sharlene xx

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