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Serra Trench

An item that I have wanted to make since I started sewing my own wardrobe was a classic trench coat. And not just any classic trench coat, I knew I would need to recreate the ultimate classic Burberry trench.

Shortly after finishing my first coat in 2019 the Pauline Alice Serra Trench was released and I bought it straight away. This pattern is great value for money, with 3 different views included and it is unisex. I made view C with the detachable hood, and view B will probably be next on my list. I have a Donegal Tweed in my stash that would make a very cute bomber jacket.

Pauline Alice Patterns Serra Jacket

My sister got the main fabric for me for Christmas 2019, a water resistant cotton twill from Fabric Godmother. The lining is from eBay, and I think is available from a lot of fabric stores (affiliate link to Minerva). The buttons are Merchant and Mills made from recycled resin and bought from Good Fabric Store.

I had so much fun making this trench coat. The fabric is perfect for a Spring trench, and the best part is it will hopefully be waterproof! I used waterproof tape on most of the seams (anything that would be facing up really) so as soon as it rains I will be out to test it out. I got the seam tape from Amazon. As the fabric is water resistant you will want to take care with how you pin your pattern pieces. Either pin within the seam allowance or use wonder clips to avoid any extra holes.

When attaching the tape the inside of the tape (as it would be on the roll) needs to be facing down, I used a medium heat setting on my iron and some grease proof paper on top. The grease proof paper was the key factor here, I tried press clothes first and they didn’t work (the tape stuck to the cloth!).

The only thing I would change is the position of the belt loops. They are a bit too low compared to my natural waist. I am not too worried, I can still tie the belt if I want and can button it up.

There are so many lovely details in this pattern. I love the button tabs on the cuff and the welt pocket detail with a faux button so you dont need to unbutton it to use the pockets.

I love the lining detail on the gun flap (on the front) and the storm shield (on the back). When I first looked at the pattern instructions I was a little concerned by the amount of patterns pieces. There are 44 in total, but this covers all 3 views. 29 of these are for view C, and it was definitely worth the effort of cutting it out and interfacing everything.

This is a classic piece that I will wear forever, and exactly the type of project I want to focus on this year. Hopefully some day Emily will get to wear it too, it is something that will not go out of style.

At the moment I am enjoying layering it over one of my other favourite pieces- my Tamarack Jacket. These 2 pieces make the perfect spring jackets and are easily layered, but very cosy.

Thank you for reading and happy sewing,

Sharlene xx

Author: sosewbysharleneoldroyd

I am a life long dressmaker, wife, mum to two beautiful kids and a part time visual merchandiser. I have always had a strong passion for fashion and hope to share this with you all in my blog x

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