My Wardrobe Hero’s

The concept of a ‘Wardrobe Hero’ or Key Piece in your wardrobe is that it is something that works for you. They are the pieces in your wardrobe that you pull out over and over again. These pieces are different for everyone. I’m going to share mine with you today and maybe you will discover you have your own “Wardrobe Hero’s”.

A selection of my Wardrobe Hero’s.

Classic Cotton T-Shirt

First up is a wardrobe staple for many, a classic cotton t-shirt. My favourite style is oversized and boxy. I love this style tucked into jeans or wore loose over leggings. My go-to pattern at the moment is the Just Patterns Tyra Tee. It has a dropped shoulder and loose boxy fit. It works great in cotton jersey or in a drapey Tencel jersey. I currently have 3 in my wardrobe but am planning a few more, possibly in a light weight french terry that is sitting in my stash and a classic white cotton jersey.

Tyra Tee in Rust Organic Cotton Jersey from The Rag Shop

Vintage Style Jeans

I had longed for a classic vintage pair of Levi 501’s for a long time but no matter how many pairs I tried they never fit. Enter the Megan Nielsen Dawn jeans! I have made 2 pairs of these and have a blog post detailing both and a third pair cut and ready to sew. I love this style of jean and have wore these at least 30 times, if not more. They go with nearly everything in my wardrobe.

I originally made them with the concealed button fly but they did not sit right. The buttons pulled and left drag marks (although this never stopped me wearing them). I unpicked them a bit and put a zip in instead and they are sitting so much better now.


I have always shouted about my love for Blazers so it is probably no surprise that they have made an appearance. I have a selection of Ready to Wear and Me Made blazers in my wardrobe and love them all. I am wearing the outfit above as I type this. I love how they pull together an outfit and I feel so confident in them. They are a handy through on in spring/summer and I wear them with jeans and a tee or dresses.

My Pink Blair blazer is one of my favourites. Made for the Lamazi fabrics blog

Timeless White Shirt

This is an item I was so happy to finally add to my me-made collection last year. A white shirt is probably something a lot of us have in our wardrobes, although they are maybe kept for the office or interviews! I have a few ready to wear white shirts but they were never ‘just right’. I purchased the Bright White Linen Viscose Crepe from Sister Mintaka with the plans to make the Paper Theory Olya shirt. It was perfect! The right amount of oversized drape and lots of interesting details.

Wear Anywhere Dresses

This one will probably be on everyone’s list. Dresses are a great addition to your wardrobe, they are easy to throw on with minimal effort and can usually work for a number of occasions.

My favourites are usually midi length and in a dark floral print. I have a selection that work casually with trainers or my biker boots or dressed up in heels.

Left to Right- Self drafted pattern, Atelier 8 Avril Victoria, Fibre Mood Maya, Trend Patterns Bias T-shirt dress, Pauline Alice Sedavi and Coeli.

All these dresses get regular wear and are firm favourites and the darker colour palette works for me all year round.

So do you have any wardrobe hero’s? I would love to know! Send me a message on Instagram and let me know!

Sharlene xx

Summer Collection Part 2- Blues and Lilac

The second summer collection I was working on focused on shades of royal blue and lilac, with white and navy added in too.

This collection focused on a lot of dresses which is something my wardrobe was missing. I love that I have all these beautiful summer dresses ready to pull out next year.

Leila Dress by Marsha Style

This collection included a few pieces that would tie in with every colour palette I was working with, including this Leila Dress by Marsha Style in Blue Feather viscose from Lamazi Fabrics. I feel like this piece is the perfect boho summer style dress and it would work in so many settings.

Fibre Mood Mindy

This dress could be one of my favourites from the summer collections (although to be honest I think I love them all!). The giant lilac gingham from The Dab Hand just screams summer picnics to me and the pattern has become one of my favourites.

White Linen Jazz Dress

This white linen Jazz dress by Ready to Sew was inspired by a Cecilie Bahnsen dress, and if you would like to now more about it you can read my blog post here.

Bella Loves Patterns Flor

It is so unlike to to choose white fabric, never mind make 2 white dresses close together, but I couldn’t resist making this pretty Flor dress hack in broderie anglaise from Felicity Fabrics. I was part of the pattern testing team for this dress. This was my second version of this dress, my lilac midi length version below was my first test version.

Lilac Flor Dress in fabric from Pound Fabrics

I love this pattern so much, you can read the blog post here or watch my YouTube video on how to add sleeves here.

Homer & Howell’s Innes

This is another pattern I was part of the testing team for and I have another blog post with all the details on this one too. The fabric is a Lady McElroy linen viscose from Sister Mintaka which is unfortunately sold out.

Homer & Howell’s Blair

This blazer was love at first sight! As soon as the pattern was released i bought it and have now made a full length version and this cropped version in a floral canvas which had been in my stash for a while. I have at least 2 more of this planned!

Helen’s Closet Gilbert Top and Winslow Shorts

Now that I am writing this I am realising you many pattern tests I was lucky to be part of this year. I was part of the QA team for the Helen’s Closet Gilbert Top and this was my first version in a Navy polka dot rayon that had again been in my stash for nearly 2 years. I had enough left over to make a pair of Winslow shorts and I love the faux play suit look.

I love my dawn jeans and have got lots of wear from them already. You can more about them on my blog post here.

Coco Wawa Plum Dress

One final pattern test from this collection is the Coco Wawa Plum dress. When Ana contacted me about testing this it was like she had read my mind about the type of dress pattern I was looking for. This loose smock style dress with a cute ruffle option is perfect for summer and I went on to make some of my favourite summer dresses from this pattern. This fabric was from a local fabric swap back in January.

Two of my favourite woven top patterns have to be the Friday Pattern Company Square Neck Top and Paper Theory Patterns Kabuki tee. I have made a few versions of each now and love both styles.

This collection was always going to be one of the biggest as it was using up a lot of fabrics that were already in my stash and it feels good to have cleared a lot of these out. So I suppose I have to thank Covid for that one! Lol!

I hope you have enjoyed this round up, and I know I will look forward to pulling out all of these pieces next year when the good weather comes back (and hopefully bring a few on holiday some day).

How did your summer sewing plans go? Were they a success?

Sharlene xx

Pink Summer Collection Round Up

I am so excited that I can do a round up of my first collection. This year I decided to plan my makes in collections as I usually end up with a mix of prints and colours during the summer and nothing that really goes together. Focusing on different colour collections has helped in so many ways, I have not just bought any pretty fabric I see and have been more conscious about how my purchases it will fit into my plans. As a result I have a beautiful capsule wardrobe that I could easily pack up and take on a city break.

The first colour I focused on was dusky pinks with some green accents. The inspiration for this colour palette centred around the Closet Core Patterns Kalle shirt I finished off at the start of the season, made in Hawaiian Palms linen viscose from Sister Mintaka.

Kalle Shirt and Pink Linen Suit

This collection contained a few ‘key pieces’ which tied everything together. The first was my linen viscose suit, which was made in collaboration with Lamazi fabrics for their blog. I used the Homer & Howells Blair blazer and Trend Patterns Utility Trousers to make this suit and it has turned out perfectly. If you want to read a bit more about it you can check out the Lamazi fabrics blog (linked in the picture below).

Lamazi Fabrics Blog

The second key piece for this collection were my Dawn jeans (I made 2 pairs at the same time!). These have been on my list for a long time and I am so happy to finally have them made, and cant wait to make more! I have written a blog post on these with some tips if you haven’t tried making your own jeans before.

Dawn jeans
Dawn Jeans Blog

After completing these items the rest of the collection really started to take shape as I could add in tops and dresses to match and choose different colours to tie in. I choose black and white this time, with my Leila dress by Marsha Style to tie a lot of the collections together. This fabric is also from Lamazi fabrics.

Leila Dress

My Alexa jumpsuit by Tilly and the Buttons, a.k.a the ultimate secret pyjamas, also slots nicely into this collection along with my Coco Wawa Plum dress in Old Rose Mini Leo from Lamazi fabrics. As I was on a mission to add more pink to my wardrobe I picked up some Meek Milk tencel jersey in Old Rose as well and made a Friday Pattern Company square neck top in it.

I have one piece left to make, which like the Leila dress, will tie in with all my collections. I am a big fan of a classic white shirt and want to create the perfect style that will work for me. I have tried a lot of ready to wear versions over the years so I know what style I want. I will talk more about this is another blog though.

For now I am happy to have a well rounded summer capsule wardrobe. This method of planning has really helped me focus on what I need and what works this season.

I have 2 more collections to share with you and they are both nearly complete too, which means I can start working on some Autumn/Winter plans!

Happy sewing,

Sharlene xx