2021 Sewing Plans

I mentioned in my 2020 round up that something wonderful has happened… I have a complete me made wardrobe! This is largely due to the fact that I have left work in retail and we spent the majority of 2020 indoors. But none the less, this has freed up my imagination to plan all the special makes, the big ones, that I have been putting off in favour of the quick and easy ones.

So for 2021 that is my plan, to slow down and work on the things that will truly bring me joy and build on my skills. I have toyed with the idea of of doing a ‘Make Nine’ again but I don’t think this will suit my plans. Instead I have a few areas that I want to focus on, along with adding to the basics I already have.


This is a big one for me and something I have always been interested in. I have already shared my plans that will focus on couture sewing techniques. This will be the ultimate ‘slow sew’ and will push skills.

Cream Dior Bar Jacket

I am starting with a classic cream Dior Bar Jacket. I have everything I will need for this project, I just need to start working on the pattern. I will put a slightly more modern spin on the style, and will probably make a black version after this.

Alexander McQueen Tailoring

I am also obsessing over the tailoring at Alexander McQueen this season. The are never short on interesting details and this is something I would like to explore too.


I feel like this is a never ending story, but this year I will find the perfect trousers for me. I love wearing trousers but the reality of finding some that are comfortable is a different story. I have made a list of all the trouser pattern I currently have (there’s a lot) and potential fabrics in my stash that I can use. I will work through these first and then have few more patterns I would like to try.

I would like to buy the Deer & Doe Acajou trousers too, as I think these will suit the style I am after.

I have added a section to my fabric stash now with all my fabrics that are suitable for trousers. I love all the colours here and think this sums up my colour palette for the next while…

Colour Palette

Something I have noticed recently, and if you follow my Sunday Inspiration stories you will maybe have picked up on this, I am looking at more neutral and earthy tones in terms of fabrics and inspiration. These are the colours I always would have been drawn to before 2020. I think an injection of colour and print was needed last year as a way to combat what was going on in the world. I am happy that I have this colour ready to pull out when I need a pick me up or feel inspired by it. But I am ready to focus on a more neutral palette again and focus on those core wardrobe pieces.

Current colour palette

This has possibly all stemmed from my Tamarack Jacket which I completed at the end of 2020. I love the colours and fabrics I choose and could happily build an entire wardrobe around this. I fact most of my outfits recently are based around the question “Can I wear my Tamarack with it?”

I will of course still be making dresses, tops and sweaters. I will definitely need a few quick and easy makes in between all the couture sewing and trouser toiles. I will be focusing on fabrics and styles that fit in with all these plans. And I’m sure come summer I will be ready for a strong dose of colour and print again. I recently tidied up my fabric stash and put away my summer fabrics in a box to take back out closer to spring, not looking at them for a while will make it feel like I have new fabrics to play with when the time comes.

I would love to know what your plans for the year are. I have loved seeing everyone’s plans and make nines on Instagram.

Happy sewing (and planning),

Sharlene xx

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