Bra Making Journey Part 2

I am back with the second instalment of my bra making journey. Since my last blog post I have made 2 Black Beauty bras by Emerald Erin in one of the kits I purchased from Fit 2 Sew.

The first I made was View A and was a good fit around the band as I had added 1/4 inch on each back piece. However there was a bit of a bump in the cup and it didn’t sit flat. Before I made any adjustments to the pattern I decided to make another to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake with my seam allowances or cutting. The fit of the cups the second time was perfect although the band is a little tight as I had forgot to add a little each to the back piece.

My stitching wasn’t just as neat the second time and I have a few skipped stitches. I need to take extra care with my seam allowances too as I am realising this makes all the difference as they are so small.

After making these first 2 bras there were a few more bits I needed to order, most importantly bra tulle or cup lining for some of my fabrics. I purchased this from The Bra Shop (affiliate link). They have a selection of basic colours of bra tulle and some lovely kits as well. I also purchased some band elastic as I am planning to make the Jordy Bralette by Emerald Erin (affiliate link).

I spotted this beautiful embroidered lace and had to get some, I think it will make a beautiful set.

I am now starting to think about sewing matching sets and have been looking at the Adeline Panties by Evie La Luve (affiliate link).

I have a lot of bamboo and tencel jersey in my stash that will be perfect for making these however I am struggling to find matching elastics. A friend introduced me to Costura Secret Shop which is an Etsy store based in Spain (affiliate link).

They have a great selection of fold over elastics in lovely colours, although I am a little hesitant to order with postal delays and brexit! They have some stunning velvet kits that will probably win me over though.

I am looking forward to making some more bras now that I am all stocked up.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find this helpful. You can check out my latest YouTube video if you would like to see some of these fabrics in action.

Sharlene xx

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