Me Made May 2019

This is the first year I will be participating in Me Made May. It took a while for me to settle on a pledge as I knew I couldn’t commit to wearing me mades everyday (nor did I want to, I like my a lot of my ready to wear clothes too much). But I finally settled on this:

“I pledge to continue wearing my me-made’s as much as possible (I think I could manage 5 days a week), and continue to mix them with RTW pieces. I also pledge (and this is the big one!) to not buy any new fabric during May, instead using up what is in my stash.”

I forgot to take photos a few days so there could be one or 2 outfits missing from the line up. What I have learnt by doing this challenge is that I do automatically reach for me-mades most days, and I knew exactly where the gaps in my wardrobe would be.

Gap 1- t-shirts! I knew I would find this when trying to piece outfits together. I do have a few more planned to make (if I can get my hands on more of the white organic cotton from my ruska t-shirt I will definitely make more of them!) and I want to experiment with iron on letters and hand embroidery. But I love my ready to wear t-shirts too. I have a pretty big selection of band t-shirts that I like to reach for so although I want to make more, they will never fully replace what I already have.

Gap 2- jeans! Or trousers in general! Again, something I knew when starting this challenge and something I plan to rectify very soon (I have my Closet Case gingers cut and Megan Nielsen dawn pattern printed). I am definitely planning more culottes (navy and khaki for sure!). I reached for my Sew Over It culottes so many times to pair with cropped tops as the waist line is perfect for me. I have A LOT of culottes patterns so I could try something different… or I might just stick with what I know for now.

Gap 3- ruffles (or frosting)! So I have this thing for dressing up. I have always wore “fancy clothes” on a daily basis, I just don’t see the point in keeping something “for good” when it has the potential to make you so happy. However when I had Charlie my style did change. My wardrobe became more refined and I didn’t have the chance to “dress up”. I had half the time to get ready (or even less) so I needed garments that I didn’t have to think about too much.

Recently I have been rediscovering the joy of clothes and I am starting to wear fancy things that make me happy. Including dresses and skirts with all the ruffles! I think dressmaking has helped me rediscover a piece of myself the got lost at the start of motherhood. Don’t get me wrong, there will still be a lot of days I am reaching for jeans and a t-shirt. But it is always good to have a balance.

The second part of my pledge was to cut out fabric buying to give me a chance to use up some of my stash. Well, the fabric buying ban wasn’t a complete success. But I used up a lot from my stash! So we will call that a success. I was excited to use this yellow floral and love my stripe Kalle Shirt. The navy/pink stripe was not as much of a success, but I have a plan to rectify that.

So I think I can call this me made May a success. I am happy with the outcome of my pledge and can’t wait to start sewing some frosting.

Thanks for reading,

Sharlene x

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I am a life long dressmaker, wife, mum to two beautiful kids and a part time visual merchandiser. I have always had a strong passion for fashion and hope to share this with you all in my blog x

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